101 West 78 | Greening

You chose an Upper West Side condo for many reasons. It brings you near what’s important to you, puts you in proximity to that which makes you feel at home, and is situated among others of similar tastes and interests—all of which can readily be described as community. And once you find that ideal, wonderful, or even perfect community, wanting to give back usually follows. But how? How about volunteering for the West Side Community Garden right here in your neighborhood? Spend a day in June collaborating with your neighbors at 101 West 78 on a green project. Or start a vegetable garden together. And don’t forget to play a little at any number of community events held at the garden. Read on to learn more about why we love West Side Community Garden and how you can get involved.

Community gardens began in the 1890s as a way to help nourish a rapidly growing American urban population. Eventually, these shared plots were seen as a way to address issues ranging from war to environmental justice, all the while bringing neighbors together in shared purpose. Such was the case when West Side Community Garden began as part of an urban renewal project in 1976. A decade of planning and design saw its completion in 1988, eventually earning the author of its blueprint design, Terry Schnadelbach, the 1991 Philip N. Winslow award for best landscape design. Since then, it has been lovingly maintained and improved upon by an all-volunteer force of dedicated Upper West community members.


Membership is as simple as turning in your completed application and a $15 fee and putting in 4 hours of effort per month: a not so heavy lift that brings you into direct contact with the outdoors, friends, and a volunteer experience that displays your efforts in vibrant green glory. After that, it’s simply a matter of selecting a “personal greening project” and then getting started. Got a green thumb? Plant pansies. Not so good with plants but want to do your part? Grab a broom or help with organization. Looking for a heartier challenge? Help mow lawns, turn compost, or clean out the winter dregs. Really, there’s something for every skill level and interest. Many projects are scheduled in advance and displayed on the website along with the number of volunteers needed and project locations and times.


For those with more advanced skills or looking to learn more about planting, the community has a number of other ongoing projects to get involved in. If you decide to “show up” on the weekends, you may find yourself assisting with the Flower Park. Work assignments for the Flower Plots are arranged by the Flower Committee, while the perimeter beds are cared for by community volunteers. (These volunteers are also under the committee’s guidance.)

If veggies are your passion, you’re not alone. There’s currently a waiting list for vegetable beds; however, “caretaker beds” do become available during the summer and are worth an ask. For an early jump on the season, February opens the Greenhouse to seed the various plants that will eventually be installed around the property during the spring and summer months. Tom Thiess will happily assist you if you’re looking for greenhouse hours and work. Just give him a call.

The garden also provides a variety  of community events throughout the year that are not to be missed. June brings the Annual Benefit (the garden’s only event with an entrance fee) and its international feast featuring cuisine from local restaurants and garden cooks, live chamber music, and a wine bar. Celebrate the 4th of July with a free shared meal of picnic favorites such as barbecued burgers and hot dogs. On the 18th of that same month, the Children’s Summer Shakespeare Festival begins with this year featuring A Midsummer Night’s Dream. September closes summer with an Arts and Crafts Festival, complete with live theater, chamber music acts, readings from local NYC writers, and a crafts exhibit and market. And of course, all year long you can enjoy a meticulously orchestrated bloom of plants, trees, vegetables, and flowers tended with care by your friends and neighbors.

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101W78 | Birding Bob

For most New Yorkers, the Upper West Side conjures up idyllic images of tree-lined streets, sidewalk cafés, and ornate architecture. Wildlife is not usually the first thing that comes to mind, though perhaps it should be. Just adjacent to the lush neighborhood, and only a brisk walk away from the Upper West Side condos at 101 West 78, is Central Park, a habitat for some 250 species of birds. You don’t have to be an established ornithologist to appreciate the meditative joys of a Central Park bird walk; namely, taking the time to notice the intricacies of our local ecology. Whether you’re a longtime birder or a complete novice, it’s likely that the sheer number and diversity of colorful birds fluttering through the canopies will astonish you. If you’re not sure where to begin, take a bird walk with Dr. Robert DeCandido, better known in local circles as "Birding Bob."

As one would expect, Dr. DeCandido is an expert on the ecosystems of Central Park, having earned his Ph.D. studying New York City’s natural world. In fact, he spends many of his evenings on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, counting migrating birds as they pass over the city lights. He has also studied birds in places as far away as Malaysia, Thailand, Israel, and Nepal. It’s his enthusiasm, however, that makes the bird walks memorable. He’s a New York native, and it shows; The Washington Post described him as “a quintessential New Yorker” who is “fast-talking, engaging” and “informed about all things nature-related.” His passion is contagious, and after the walk, you may find yourself gleefully pointing out a Cedar Waxwing to friends or focusing your lens on the vivid plumage of a Black-Throated Blue Warbler.


Thankfully, the list of gear you need to enjoy a bird walk is quite short. The most important piece of equipment is a pair of quality binoculars. Of course, the true pleasure of birding comes from seeing the bird, and you want your image to be crisp and clear, something that can prove difficult if your binoculars are old or difficult to focus. Birds often move rapidly from branch to branch, so make sure to get binoculars with a wide enough view to accommodate a bird who may not stay in one place for very long. If the thought of shopping for the right binoculars is daunting, just rent a pair from DeCandido when you show up for the birding walk. The second most important item on your list is a pair of comfortable walking shoes. DeCandido is known for taking attendees off the beaten path, so you need to be sure your footwear can stand up to the elements. Finally, consider bringing a field guide. This way, if you spot a bird, you’ll be able to quickly look it up and figure out what it is. While DeCandido will be able to identify many of the birds, it’s exciting to thumb through your field guide and discover the birds’ names yourself. Most field guides now come in the form of smartphone apps, so you won’t have to lug a book around.

Whether birding becomes your newest hobby or just an occasional weekend activity, one thing is certain: spending a morning with the birds in Central Park is never wasted time. Check out Birding Bob’s schedule here.

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101W78 | Tucker Square

The location of the luxury Upper West Side condos at 101 West 78 offers a lifestyle that is almost by definition the reason that people love living in New York. Steps from “the” park and a short walk from Lincoln Center, both nature and culture are seamlessly interwoven into your days. The ballet and the opera are just a short walk away, too, and it’s a quintessential New York serendipity that just across the street from Lincoln Center is Tucker Square, a greenspace named after an opera singer, which features one of the city’s best and most intimate greenmarkets on Saturdays and Thursdays. You can step out of a concert hall matinee with Beethoven still vibrating in your ears and pick up some of the freshest meats and produce from nearby farms to bring home with you.

Shopping at the market means you are often buying the best meat and produce the region has to offer, straight from the hands of the person who planted the seed or raised the animal with care. American Pride Seafood sells local fish caught from their boat in Montauk, which is even fresher than what even the gourmet markets offer. Knoll Krest Farm offers some of the freshest organic free-range eggs and chickens in the city, along with homemade pasta.


Hudson Valley Duck Farm is truly a farm with a vision. Focused almost entirely on raising free-range ducks, the farm breeds Moulard ducks and an assortment of heritage breeds. They sell whole ducks and legs perfect for braising or for making a confit, as well as duck bacon, duck sausage, and duck fat.


Bobolink Dairy and Bake House, which sits on a farm in Milford, NJ, was founded by Jonathan and Nina White in 2002. The Whites are now milking a breed of cows born from mixing classic Ayrshire, Guernsey, and Jersey cows with Irish Kerry animals. Their cheeses are made from raw milk, and their baked goods are made from heirloom grains, with an eye toward the health of the body. Just this past month, Bobolink was named Best Food Artisans by Edible Jersey for their commitment to all that is healthy and delicious.


Of course, the greenmarket also features an outstanding array of local and organic fruits and vegetables such as the hydroponic spinach, kale, and mustard greens grown at Element Farm; the apples from Prospect Hill Orchards; and the vegetables from Wood Homestead in Schoharie County—a farm whose maple syrup has been profiled for Edible Manhattan.


Having Tucker Square so close to the Upper West Side condominiums at 101 West 78 will always give you incentives to relish the local foodie movement in your own kitchen—or to have a farm-fresh picnic in the park before the opera—just in time for spring.

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101 West 78 | Broadway Vibes

On the Upper West Side, you're surrounded by some of New York City's most iconic cultural touchstones. You could spend days exploring the exhibitions at the American Museum of Natural History or wandering through Central Park. And then there's, perhaps, NYC's most iconic nearby destination—Broadway, with its endless varieties of entertainment.

Each year, millions of people visit the “Great White Way” from across the globe to see the best theater in the world. Luckily for you, the glitz and glamour of this storied locale are just a five-minutes from the 101W78 Upper West Side condominiums.

Here are a few crowd favorites:

Three Tall Women | Golden Theatre - 252 West 45th Street

When famed writer Edward Albee's play Three Tall Women premiered Off-Broadway in the early '90s, it was a bona fide hit lauded with top honors and winning Albee the Pulitzer Prize for drama. Now this play that deals with aging, happiness, and family is sure to be a hit again. The revival has some major star power on stage and behind the scenes: Tony and Emmy winner Laurie Metcalf and Oscar winner Glenda Jackson star, and Joe Mantello is directing the production.

The Phantom of the Opera | The Majestic Theatre - 247 West 44th Street

Almost thirty years after its premiere, Phantom of the Opera still thrills audience members with its story of a mysterious man's obsession with a prima donna soprano. Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote it at the height of his creative powers, and the fact that songs from this score like “The Music of the Night” and “Think of Me” are still part of the cultural zeitgeist is a testament to that.

Wicked | Gershwin Theatre - 222 West 51st Street

Fifteen years ago, this "Popular" classic helped make Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth household names. The lavish reimagining of the friendship between The Wizard of Oz's Glinda the Good Witch and Elphaba (the soon-to-be Wicked Witch of the West) soars with Stephen Schwartz's instantly hummable score.

Mean Girls | August Wilson Theatre - 245 West 52nd Street

Get ready to "make 'fetch' happen" in this new musical based on the successful and quotable early aughts film written by Tina Fey. Mean Girls revolves around a girl who was raised in near isolation on a savanna and is thrown into a suburban high school where she has to learn to deal with the teenage stress of wanting to be popular. Fey and her husband, composer Jeff Richmond, adapted the musical from the movie.

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101 West 78 | Specialty Shops

The Upper West Side is one of Manhattan's singular neighborhoods. From the glamour of Lincoln Center to the verdant splendor of Central Park, it offers residents a chance to pursue their individual passions. And the new Upper West Side condominium residences at 101W78 are the ultimate way to live in this unique enclave and experience all it has to offer. The sumptuous design of this historical building, reimagined by Stephen Sills, one of Architectural Digest’s “AD 100” designers, is undoubtedly special.

101W78 caters to all of the needs of its residents -- inside and out -- with world-class amenities and convenient access to New York City purveyors that are just as special as the people who live in these amazing homes. Whether you fancy the ultimate in stationery, are a culinary whiz, or want to tap your chakras with gems, there's always a place you can visit on the Upper West Side.

Here's a list of some of our favorite nearby specialty shops:

White Gold Butchers | 375 Amsterdam Avenue

With a well-honed cleaver and a yen for quality meat, April Bloomfield has become a leader in modern butchery. After helming the kitchens at the Spotted Pig and the Breslin Room in NYC, she and her partner opened this UWS butcher shop. It's decidedly not your typical deli-style shop. In fact, it's a world-class restaurant. Here, the "air is perfumed with the heady scent of bone broth infused with winter spices," according to New York Magazine.

Paper Source | 309 Columbus Avenue

In this tech-savvy day and age, it's always an elegant touch to handwrite a note. Thank-yous, congratulations, or simple hellos all seem a little more personal when someone puts pen to paper. So, brush up on your cursive and head over to the Paper Source, where you'll be able to find the perfectly weighted Montblanc or a cheerful birthday card. The store is expansive and, yes, inviting.

Astro West | 102 West 79th Street

While your home at 101W78 is just a few blocks away from the American Museum of Natural History, those fossils and minerals are not for sale. Luckily the gemstones, fossils, and geodes at Astro West are for sale, and you’re sure to enjoy the elegant showroom, whether you're a natural history buff with a penchant for the Permian Period or you’re trying to tap into the healing properties of crystal. And while plenty of stars live on the Upper West Side, you’ll be able to display your own piece of the cosmos in your luxury condominium; this very niche store sells actual meteorites.

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101 West 78 | UWS History

Even if you’re a newcomer to the tree-lined avenues of the Upper West Side, you may feel a vague and pleasant sense of déjà vu on an afternoon stroll. After all, even if you’ve never visited the neighborhood before, you’ve seen it. It’s where the Ghostbusters busted their ghost and where Harry can’t seem to stop running into Sally. These streets, along with their ornate architecture and stately trees, have become as iconic as the cinematic moments they’ve served. And yet, some of the most interesting stories the Upper West Side holds happened off-screen, in a bygone era. Residents of the new Upper West Side condos at 101 West 78 will find hints of a rich past waiting to be discovered around virtually every corner.

That the Upper West Side is steeped in history is no secret; the extravagant architecture looks, on some streets, the same as it did in the late 19th century. On a leisurely walk, gaze up at the countless facades, and you may catch sight of a startlingly intricate detail—a fearsome gargoyle, a finely sculpted bouquet, or the smooth stone face of a celestial figure. These ornaments, according to The New York Times, are not the design of the buildings’ architects, but rather, the conception and handiwork of craftsmen, many of them “recently arrived at Ellis Island and eager to show off their skills.” The creations, left by some of America’s first craftsmen, are easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. But once you start looking, you’ll find that they’re abundant, like a wink from the past hidden in plain sight.


The Upper West Side draws much of its character and woodsy charm from proximity to the most famous green space in the country, if not the world: Central Park. This lush swath of land, full of downy meadows, glimmering ponds, and winding paths, has its own heritage. In the middle of the 19th century, the land was largely undeveloped, due to the difficulty presented by swamps, ravines, and rocky terrain. Rather than attempt to tame the natural features of the land, Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted decided to use them. In doing so, they designed a mecca for the residents of New York City looking to escape the urban cityscape. Olmsted subscribed to the idea that a park should complement, rather than mimic, the design of a city. For instance, as Nathaniel Rich explained in The Atlantic, “If a city is cramped, crowded, and rectilinear, its park should be composed of sinuous thoroughfares and a variable topography that includes large open spaces.” Thus, the sprawling meadows and winding paths of Central Park were born, providing spaces where New York City’s residents would be encouraged to run, wander, and spread out.


It wasn’t until 1924 that Central Park’s first playground was installed, and by that time, the park had undergone many transformations. Still, Olmsted’s approach to the intertwining of art with the natural world is one that can be experienced today. And for residents of the Upper West Side condos, all you have to do is roam your historic neighborhood until you reach a verdant entrance and slip into the park’s cool shadows.

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A Night Out

After a long, hard day at the office, sometimes all that you need is an enjoyable cocktail and some good conversation at a reliable neighborhood destination. The luxury Upper West Side condos at 101 West 78th are a convenient walk from some of Uptown's finest places to unwind. Whether you're interested in an intimate locale to meet that special someone, a watering hole to gather your college friends, or a scenic spot to enjoy some exceptional New York skyline views, the opportune setting of these new Upper West Side condominiums allows for numerous possibilities.

Travel a few blocks south of 101 West 78th, and you'll find the Shalel Lounge-an underground hangout that is just right for any time of year. This beautifully elegant, unique hideaway has a soft, seductive vibe that will surely let you loosen up. With little nooks, Moroccan-inspired décor, and the sound of indoor fountains, Shalel Lounge will transport you from everyday worries. The food is a favorite among locals, so be sure to bring your appetite. And the cozy, romantic-grotto aesthetic practically demands that you share an evening (or two) there with your beloved.

Speaking of atmosphere, just down the block from the historic Dakota residence, the Dakota Bar is a lively spot that offers an expansive wine list and excellent bar bites. The trendy décor and delicate ambiance are sure to calm your work anxieties and allow you to settle in while sipping on a delicious curated cocktail. With a notably friendly staff, warm environment, impressive wine list, and some great food to snack on, this is also a place to meet a date or gather the friends.

For a more casual neighborhood option, stop into The Dead Poet-an Irish pub with creative cocktails named after dead poets. This narrow, literary-themed bar provides an energetic vibe and some great-tasting food. As part of the theme, the menus come to you inside vintage book covers. This pub has an authentic neighborhood "dive" feel, with super-friendly bartenders and regulars alike. Enjoy happy-hour specials throughout the week, including Tequila Tuesday (with tacos), or take your pick from the wide-ranging whiskey selection.

Another popular neighborhood option where you can bring friends or coworkers together is the Boat Basin Cafe, tucked away on the Hudson River. Perfect for warmer evenings, the Boat Basin is a welcoming refuge with plenty of space, scenery, and open air. The atmosphere is lively, with top-40 music playing through the speakers and sports playing on the TVs. The service is prompt; the beer selection is plentiful; and the drinks are affordable-making this an ideal choice if you want to stay and socialize for hours. With tables directly overlooking the river, you certainly could not feel further from your work desk. If you happen to be out before it gets dark, try to arrive about 30 minutes before sunset to watch the sky transform over the Hudson River.

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101 West 78 – Holiday Shopping

With the holidays and new year quickly approaching, you may feel inspired to get the most up-to-date looks and trends. The Bloomingdale’s Outlet, Barneys New York, Stuart Weitzman, and Lululemon are just a few premier shopping options within walking distance of 101 West 78th Street’s Upper West condominiums.

Barneys New York

If catwalk chic is your flavor, then Barneys New York may be the only stop you need to make. Oddly, this wasn’t always the case. Barneys began in the 20s and 30s as a purveyor of overstocked and surplus merchandise, selling heavily discounted goods scoured from warehouses, close-outs, and bankruptcies before transforming into the New York epicenter of fashion, style, and, most notably, service. Always at the fore, Barneys introduced the United States to a number of mainstays in the world of fashion, including a once little-known Italian designer by the name of Giorgio Armani. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, Barneys New York is known as one of the best destinations for luxury ready-to-wear clothing and home goods, carrying what may be NYC’s finest selection of accessories, shoes, jewelry, and fragrances to be housed in a single store. Just consider that it all started with a $500 pawned engagement ring and the slogan “No Bunk, No Junk, No Limitations!”


Bloomingdale’s Outlet

An outlet to quench couture taste? Yes! More “Bloomingdale’s” than “outlet,” the Bloomingdale’s Outlet that you’ll find near your luxury Upper West Side condo at 101 West 78th adheres to its slogan of being “Like No Other Store in the World”—but at a fraction of the price. You can find the classic looks that have come to define Bloomingdale’s beside fashion-forward pieces that would be at home in any trendy boutique on Fifth Avenue. This location is a joy to shop at, too. The signage is clear; racks are full and crisp; and there’s service—actual people helping you—from the moment you step inside all the way until you cross the threshold with your Bloomies bag and a hearty “Thank you” to go. And you’ll also find highly desirable items that are only available at Bloomingdale's—and that are heavily discounted for reasons that you’ll probably never be able to determine.


Stuart Weitzman

You need shoes. You need lots of shoes—lots and lots of fine shoes—and Stuart Weitzman is where you’ll find them. Always a hot commodity on the runway, Stuart Weitzman’s collections are the stuff of every New Yorker’s dreams: elegant pumps, a glorious selection of boots, and suede as far as the eye can see. Did you notice the Tieland boot in suede at the previous Fashion Week? How about the Grandiose bootie in suede? The Marymid pump in suede? That’s okay if you didn’t, because they’re all here at the eponymous designer’s store on Broadway, just two and a half blocks from your condo. While you’re unlikely to snag those “million-dollar, one-of-a-kind, red carpet” shoes that he’s designed for a few of your Upper West Side neighbors, it’s also unlikely that you’ll be disappointed in the selection. Prices are…pricey, but there’s just no comparison when it comes to the level of detail and attention in every Stuart Weitzman design. Every woman should have at least one pair in her closet. Or a dozen. Trust us when we say that you’re worth it.



Yoga pants as an everyday wardrobe staple: Who saw that coming? Lululemon, that’s who. Lulu has become synonymous with the most glorious training clothes you will ever put on your body, and we offer kudos to the store for bringing figure-flattering and comfortable workout gear to the fore of the fashion world. The ability to play hard, feel good, and look good, all in the same outfit, has been the holy grail of women’s clothing for as long as anyone can remember, and Lululemon made it an art form with its now-classic yoga pants, tailored outerwear, and minimalist use of color. It all makes sense because their designers also happen to be athletes, and that means they understand how to please people who want to be comfortable in their clothes. Sure, you probably won’t see Teyana Taylor wearing a Lulu hoodie on the runway anytime soon, but you can guarantee that it’s the first thing she’ll put on when she gets back to her hotel room. Haute couture is beautiful, but comfort and happiness still reign supreme.

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101 West 78 Blog – Beverage Season

As the holiday season fast approaches and the shopping is well underway, it’s always good to find a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Downtown and Midtown scenes. The luxury Upper West Side condos at 101 West 78th Street are close to many of the best hideaways—whether you’re looking for a curated cocktail at an intimate lounge or some cider at a casual local hangout. Step outside these Upper West Side condominiums and experience some of the city’s best venues for warming up with a delicious beverage and celebrating the holidays.

Located just one block north of the luxury Upper West Side condos at 101 West 78, you’ll discover the cozy hideaway that is the Manhattan Cricket Club. It is a lovely lounge space with a large marble bar and dim lights, and it serves excellent, expertly made cocktails. The speakeasy vibes will certainly help you channel your rebellious insider, while the interesting menu options will keep you stimulated. And the authentic, vintage, library-like atmosphere, accompanied by soft music, will make you feel like you’re in an extension of your dream home’s living room.


If you’re looking to warm up with something strong, stop by Caledonia Bar for some quality scotch. This neighborhood favorite is a solid place to enjoy a libation chosen from an impressive selection of over 300 whiskeys. The casual ambiance, with dim lighting, cool tunes, and knowledgeable bartenders, brands it as a great spot for small groups or a first date. As a neighborhood insider, stop by their happy hours, where you can get an appetizer and beer for $10 or an entrée and your choice of beer for just $14. If you opt for the latter, do yourself a favor and order the renowned grilled cheese.


If you’re longing for an even more casual vibe where you can sip some hard cider, be sure to check out George Keeley NYC. Many argue that this spot is the best beer bar on the Upper West Side, with surprisingly delightful food and the convenience of always finding a place to sit down. There is local cider flowing on tap and free popcorn. If you want a place that is family-friendly, this is a great spot for brunch—and perhaps Uptown’s best-kept secret.

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101 West 78 – Home Cooked Holidays

When was the last time you got really excited about…eating in? For residents of the new Upper West Side condominiums at 101W78, that’d be every night. Designed in collaboration with Stephen Sills, the handcrafted cabinets and white Carrara honed-marble slab countertops and backsplash set the stage for fabulous gourmet soirées and Wednesday-night comfort cooking alike. Integrated Miele appliances in these Upper West Side condominiums say that you’re the real thing when it comes to fixing a feast fit for the fall, and they’ll still be your most dependable tools for everyday culinary craft. Add in generous living spaces with grand foyers, great rooms, and formal dining spaces, and you’ll soon realize that your 101W78 home is made for holiday entertaining. Now, what to do? Here’re a few of our thoughts on making your next dinner party an affair that will set the bar for the year to come.


Living on the Upper West Side certainly has its perks, and one of them is a well-stocked neighborhood Citarella. Seafood, aged prime-cut meats, and a skillfully curated selection of produce keep us happy all year through. However, it’s the fall, with its last-of-the-season bounties of clams, mussels, oysters, and other seafood, that excites us like no other. Sure, NYC is an island, and if anyone should have fresh seafood, it’s us. But as any connoisseur knows, there’s “fresh,” and then there’s “dockside fresh.” And that’s Citarella. Start your meal with a few dollops of Osetra caviar. Take home a dozen of the Blue Point or Wellfleet oysters as an additional appetizer or second course. If the boss and her significant other are joining you, spring for the Kumamotos for satisfaction. But those shucks are just a way to whet your palate for what holiday entertaining is all about: the main course. Take a swim with a delicate yet delectable black sea bass: an easy choice to prepare, requiring only a bit of frying in your favorite olive oil. For a more delicate entrée, try broiled wild grey sole seasoned with Citarella’s own fish rub.


Best Bottles

Sure, you can blow a mortgage payment or two on a vintage bottle of wine, but really, in this age of affordable selections from world-class vintners, why would you? Behold, Best Bottles. Home to 150-plus labels from numerous smaller producers, Best Bottles makes its selections the way we wish every store did: by how they taste. While we all know certain famous makers that almost always appear on the shelves of larger liquor stores, Best Bottles is more interested in bringing you unique values that probably won’t show up in your typical keg and cask. Best of all, they make the experience fun, offering daily tastings, free gift wrapping, and an easy store layout with descriptions and staff to help guide your hand through sections that are arranged by taste and not region or varietal. Best of all, most bottles can be had for under $20. Yes, you read that correctly: $20. All this and a happiness guarantee to boot, for if you’re not 100% satisfied with your experience, Best Bottle will do whatever it takes to make you satisfied. All that, and a promise not to play any Michael Bolton or Billy Joel—not that we have anything against either artist, but if ever there was an NYC wine store cliché…well, you get the picture.



La Terrine

Fine caviar needs crystal; the perfect fish deserves the perfect china pattern; and the right wine always tastes just a bit better in a hearty but expertly crafted goblet. While your 101West78 kitchen provides you the perfect space to prepare your holiday feast, present it with style and panache using elegant appointments from La Terrine. From the classic blues of the Burano pattern or the sleek lines of a platinum set, there’s a look to suit every taste at La Terrine. Casual Pulse stemware or the weighty pedestals from the Simon Pearce collection? SFERRA tablecloths or Deborah Rhodes placemats? It’s your style. It’s your dining room. And at La Terrine, the choices are nearly endless. Finish the look with candlesticks, bread baskets, salt and pepper shakers, and an assortment of other accent pieces readily matched to your table, and enjoy the holidays in style at 101West78.

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101W78 | Living with Landmarks

When was the last time you got really excited about…eating in? For residents of the new Upper West Side condominiums at 101W78, that’d be every night. Designed in collaboration with Stephen Sills, the handcrafted cabinets and white Carrara honed-marble slab countertops and backsplash set the stage for fabulous gourmet soirées and Wednesday-night comfort cooking alike.

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101 West 78 | Penthouse Unveiling

There are homes that make your life easier and more pleasurable, and there are homes that take your lifestyle into possibilities you never imagined. The new penthouse at 101 West 78 overlooks the majestic American Museum of Natural History and the cosmic globe of the Hayden Planetarium, whose containment of the known universe and beyond is the perfect metaphor for the universe you will inhabit and create in the penthouse atop these luxury Upper West Side condos. Like the Planetarium’s narrated tour through the galaxy, here is a tour to give you the first glimpse of what the best of indoor/outdoor living will be like in a penthouse where the city meets the stratosphere.

World-renowned designer Stephen Sills has transformed the building’s stunning 19th - century spaces into works of art, and the limestone-clad penthouse addition at 101 West 78 is the pinnacle of his vision. Step through the front door, and you will immediately be greeted with the great expanse around you, from the sprawling living spaces to the views beyond.

Every room is filled with the clear, airy light that flows over the rooftops. The wraparound terrace and private rooftop garden provide more than 5,000 square feet of outdoor space worthy of an 18th-century English manor. And this penthouse functions like a mansion in the country, where a room’s edge is not finite but a porous thing that always leads to the cityscape and the high blue sky. The outdoor terrace and rooftop are so carefully designed that they are as comfortable as any interior room.

The Great Room to the left of the foyer sprawls over 850 square feet, giving you the chance to experience and inhabit “space within a space” the way most city dwellers dream about, with a gas fireplace you can cozy up to in winter or light up to give the whole room a warm glow for a holiday party. Here, the elegant pattern of the solid oak herringbone floors with a custom finish hand-picked by AD 100 designer Stephen Sills is on full display. The kitchen is the culmination of Sills’s collaboration with Smallbone of Devizes whose bespoke, hand-painted cabinetry is inspired by the landscapes of the West of England, where the company originated. This elegant eat-in kitchen is outfitted with white Carrara marble countertops and backsplashes, state-of-the-art Miele appliances, four skylights, and a wet bar serving the adjacent family room. 

Any night of the week you can dine alfresco on the terrace among the stars or host a dinner party in the formal dining room. Every bedroom opens onto the terrace and has its own private bathroom with radiant heated floors. The master bathroom, large enough for two, and featuring a double sink, includes marble slab floors and walls, and fixtures from Waterworks and Kaldewei.

Above it all, the masterstroke of this dream-expanding home is the penthouse rooftop, which features an outdoor kitchen with BBQ, and an outdoor gas fireplace. Here, you can sip champagne while you soak in your own pleasure garden with all of New York at your feet. With this much luxurious space to inhabit and explore, you can move with ease between the map of the city and the map of the stars.

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The US Open

The US Open has become one of the most famous sporting events in modern history, attracting the highest level of competition from the best of the best in the world of tennis. With a record $50.4 million in prize money on the line, this year’s matches have quite literally “upped the ante.” Held annually at NYC’s very own Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, just a short jaunt from the Upper West Side condominiums at 101 West 78, every match features players who come to win. And not just for the historic cash. These players love the game, and a lifetime of devotion to honing their skills is something that both the greats and the up-and-comers all have in common. Whether you’re watching the tournament from the comfort of your luxury Upper West Side residence, or you’ve scored courtside seats for the finals at Arthur Ashe Stadium, a few favorites are always sure to thrill us with their action on the turf and intrigue us with their life stories off the court.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer’s stats speak volumes and support the contention that he may be the greatest player in tennis today. Currently ranked by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) as No. 3 in men’s singles, Federer holds both the record for overall No. 1 placements (302 weeks) and most consecutive weeks at No. 1 (237 weeks). For 14 years, he never dropped out of the top 10, and since going pro in 1998, he’s racked up the most Grand Slam men’s tennis titles, with a total of 19 to date. But before the accolades and accomplishments, Federer was just a kid from Switzerland with a need to be better than his last shot: an exceptional kid, that is, with a crushing serve and a practiced precision attacking the baseline like no other. Somehow, despite the fame and glory and wealth, he still manages to just be…Roger. A dad to not one but two sets of twins (boys and girls), a man who hates to be late, and someone who’s afraid of horses, Federer enjoys watching movies with happy endings, indulging in a good laugh, and being a bit silly when the mood strikes. And while the chattering class was busy speculating about a pending retirement, he was busy winning his 18th and 19th Grand Slam titles, including a hard-earned win against his friend and fiercest competitor, Rafael Nadal.

Serena Williams

Due to deliver her first baby in the fall of this year, Serena Williams won’t be at this year’s Open, but—come on—any list of our favorites would be incomplete without her. She’s tied Steffi Graf for longest streak at No. 1, with a 186-week run, and ranks third in all-time No. 1 appearances, with 319 weeks at the top. Though on hiatus until after her baby is born, Serena managed to squeak in one last Grand Slam title with her 2017 win at the Australian Open. And she did it while eight weeks pregnant! Considered to be the greatest women’s tennis player of all time, Serena sprang from humble beginnings in Saginaw, Michigan, before she moved to Compton, California, with her family at the age of three. Homeschooled, she grew up coached by her parents and a family friend, playing on what she described as “grass-riddled courts.” When she was nine, her family moved to Florida to enroll the young prodigy in the Rick Macci Tennis Academy. By age 10, she was ranked No. 1 in the junior circuit of the United States Tennis Association, with a record of 46-3. Later that year, her father pulled her and her sister Venus out of competitive play to allow them to focus on their schooling. As she grew into an increasingly formidable player, her double-handed open-stance backhand and a 128 mph serve marked an aggressive and high-risk style that throws opponents off their game and contrasts sharply with her precision baseline play. Smart. Powerful. Graceful. Serena is the total package and a true gift to the sport.

Rafael Nadal

At the age of eight, Rafael Nadal won his first championship in an under-12 tournament. Seeing the promise in his nephew, professional tennis player Toni Nadal trained and pushed him harder, encouraging his ambidextrous prodigy to play left-handed. By age 12, Rafael had won titles in his Spanish homeland and throughout Europe. A natural athlete, Nadal also excelled in football; however, fearing that too much distraction would harm the boy’s studies, Nadal’s father asked him to choose one or the other. The rest is simply awesome history. The winner of 15 Grand Slam singles titles, an Olympic gold medal, and the youngest of five players to achieve the Career Grand Slam in the Open Era, Nadal has already done it all in a career that feels as if it’s only getting started. His greatest rivalry is likely with his friend Roger Federer, who he has bested 23 times in their 37 meetings, including nine of 12 matches in Grand Slam tournaments. He’s also earned a unique moniker, sometimes being referred to as the “king of clay” for his prowess on clay courts. And it’s true. In fact, 13 of his 23 wins against Federer were on the orange stuff.

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101 West 78 | Lasting Summer

As the summer comes to a close, 101W78 residents can continue to enjoy warm-weather fun in the city via Upper West Side events and activities that run through the month of August. In addition to the seemingly infinite number of distractions along its waterfront, a plethora of rooftop bars and street seating for alfresco refreshment, and an endless calendar of street fairs and festivals, NYC’s outdoor performances—especially those that can be had in the parks just steps from the 101 West 78 condominiums—are not to be missed. Following are a few of our lasting favorites, bringing the widest variety of diversions right to your neighborhood.


The largest free performing arts festival in NYC, SummerStage offers an eclectic, packed calendar to delight every taste in the city. Reflecting the diversity of New York’s communities, SummerStage events take place throughout the five boroughs, with the crux of the action located at the nearby Rumsey Playfield in Central Park. Be cool on even the hottest summer nights with the jazz stylings of Mulatu Astatke, the “Father of Ethio-Jazz”, or close out August with a romp through the genre-busting sounds of Valerie June. Can’t let go of summer? Fear not, for SummerStage runs deep into September with its SummerStage Benefit Concerts. Ticket sales support the more than 100 free shows that make the festival a success. Give back and rock on with alternative rock gods The All-American Rejects; once more experience the vibe of The Grateful Dead with one of its founding members and his new band, Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band; or revive the spirit of nueva trova via the Cuban rhythms of Silvio Rodríguez. It’s all here, just a leisurely Central Park stroll from 101W78’s Upper West Side condos.

Shakespeare in the Park

For over six decades, The Public Theater has challenged its audiences in Central Park with fresh takes on Shakespeare’s classics. This year’s Free Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacorte Theater lives up to expectations with a provocative season of both high drama and frothy mirth. A Midsummer Night’s Dream features intriguing casting by Director Lear deBessonet, including Kristine Nielsen as the mischievous Puck, Phylicia Rashad in the role of the indomitable Titania, and Danny Burstein playing the vain but unwitting Bottom, alongside Tony Award nominees Shalita Grant, Annaleigh Ashford, and De'Adre Aziza. Free tickets are available by lottery or by joining a line in the park several hours in advance of the performance; however, a $500 donation to The Public Theater gains you admission for two and the benefit of knowing that you’ve helped others to enjoy one of the finest summer NYC theater experiences imaginable. However you attend, no other play awakens the frolic, fun, and festivity of a feverish summer eve like the fairies and lovers of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Lincoln Center Outdoors

An inspiring showcase of music, dance, and the spoken word, Lincoln Center Out of Doors celebrates the arts with a month of free films, concerts, and performances of old favorites and premieres alike. Screenings of modern cult classics like The Big Lebowski, new music from Natalia Lafourcade’s latest album Musas, and the exuberant carnival culture of OkayAfrica’s Riddim & Beats are brought together in one of NYC’s finest outdoor venues, the Guggenheim Bandshell at Damrosch Park. For a healthy mid-August dose of excellent music, we recommend Americanafest NYC: a weekend featuring the rock and roll of Low Cut Connie and the formidable blues of Bonnie Raitt. Admission is first-come, first-served, so arrive early and while away your wait with drinks at one of the on-site outdoor bars or with a Fuku chicken sandwich from featured vendor David Chang.

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101 West 78 | Upper West Side Playgrounds

Modern Stephen Sills-designed amenities, 19th-century elegance, and a neighborhood with near endless play options for children: yes, parents, you can have it all. From water parks to jungle gyms, the Upper West Side condos at 101W78 have no shortage of nearby playgrounds and perfect places where you can spend a sunny day with the kids. No matter your child’s age or interest, you’re not more than a short walk from any number of excellent destinations where they can stretch their legs and their imaginations.

On the same block as 101W78, you’ll find the historically themed Tecumseh Playground. Named for the famed Civil War general, William Tecumseh Sherman, the park encourages children to imagine making a 19th-century trip from New York City to the western frontier. Train tracks lead from building-like play structures at the east end of the park to the west end where a wagon play-set and other symbols of the old west stand. Train and ponderosa murals complete the scene and put your kids in the late 1800s, where they can adopt any number of characters and personas and act out their own Wild West adventures. 


A block east of the 101 West 78 condominiums, the immense Central Park is NYC’s largest playground. At 2.5 miles long and .5 miles wide, its 843 acres are a seemingly infinite adventure world of paths, play areas, open fields, wooded glens, and waterfronts. Safe spaces to bike and skate abound, and on the weekends, when the drives close to traffic, six additional miles of roadway become open to your young speedster. The Great Lawn’s open green invites kite flying, a pickup game of soccer, or simply a place to freely frolic under blue skies. And little explorers won’t be able to get enough of the out-of-the-way spaces, nooks, and natural formations like Summit Rock: at a whopping 141.8 feet, it’s the highest natural feature in Central Park.


At the base of Summit Rock, a favorite playground, Diana Ross Playground, which was funded by a generous donation from Diana Ross after her 1983 Great Lawn concert, is fenced on all sides, allowing parents to easily coral youngsters within. The centerpiece of the space is a large interconnected series of wooden play pieces, including slides, bucket swings, bridges, and a climbing net. For aspiring firemen/women, poles and ladders can be found throughout, and a sprinkler brings a refresh for the hottest of days. The jungle gym sits on a soft bed of sand to ensure that falls and tumbles only result in hurt feelings and not injured bodies, and a dense canopy of trees provides a beautiful backdrop with just the right bit of shade.


A short stroll to the south takes you to Arthur Ross Terrace, which is a public space situated outside of the Rose Center that houses the Hayden Planetarium of the American Museum of Natural History. After a visit to the planetarium or dinosaur hall, Mom and Dad will be happy to relax outside surrounded by shade trees and green lawns. Kids will be thrilled to run through the sprinklers and play with the others who have discovered this somewhat hidden gem. A futuristic glass structure revealing a model of our solar system will further ignite their imaginations as they jump and splash.

Traveling a few blocks west to Riverside Park, you’ll find Little Engine Playground. As the name implies, it’s train-themed, with an engine and cars for young engineers-to-be, in addition to traditional playground equipment to climb, jump, and slide from. The park makes for a wonderful oasis when biking through Riverside along the Hudson, providing you rest while the kids work out additional energy either before or after your ride. Lovely for a quick stopover or a morning of play, this playground has river views and benches that invite adults to linger a little longer while children eagerly beg for “just five more minutes!”

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Amsterdam avenue


The Upper West Side condos for sale at 101 West 78th Street sit at the intersection of the Upper West Side’s best attractions. To the east, the American Museum of Natural History and Central Park offer green outdoor space and hours of family-friendly fun. To the west, Broadway’s iconic food shops and gourmet grocers are a home chef’s delight. Along Amsterdam Avenue, which runs between Broadway and Columbus Avenue, is a lively stretch of independent boutiques and restaurants, as well as cultural gems like Lincoln Center and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Residents of 101 West 78th are also within walking distance of some of Amsterdam Avenue’s finest wines and well-mixed cocktails, ideal for local oenophiles and spirits connoisseurs.

Burke and Wills | 226 West 79th Street  

Just off Amsterdam Avenue on West 79th Street, Burke and Wills offers New Yorkers an Australian twist on the traditional American bistro. Named for intrepid explorers Robert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills—the Lewis and Clark of Australia—this charmingly atmospheric pub offers craft beer, an impressive array of spirits and cocktails, and a fascinating menu with classic entrees like roasted salmon and cured arctic char, listed alongside Aussie favorites like the kangaroo burger with tomato jam, arugula, pickled onion, and triple-fried chips. The raw bar offers the perfect accompaniment for after-work drinks like the Bushfire Margarita, a bracing house specialty made with mezcal and orange bitters. For those who’ve recently landed in the Upper West Side neighborhood, a jaunt from their condos to Burke and Wills will help celebrate the excitement of exploring new territory. The dining room sits beneath a glass canopy, and vintage Australian photographs and ephemera all add to Burke and Wills’s rugged explorer vibe. 

Manhattan Cricket Club | 226 West 79th Street

Conveniently perched just upstairs from Burke & Wills is the Manhattan Cricket Club. This tucked-away speakeasy bar’s upholstered leather chairs, Victorian lighting fixtures, and dark wood paneling—as well as enough cricket memorabilia to make any Anglophile swoon—might make you suspect that Winston Churchill is enjoying a snifter of brandy in the next room. The menu is a blast from a less diet-conscious past, too, as it features savory treats like crab beignets and pork rillette with cornichons, in addition to classic Australian desserts like the pavlova with passionfruit curd and fresh berries. The cocktail menu is as much fun to read as it is to sample, with offerings like the Bonfire of the Calamities (lime-infused vodka, lemon, agave, and bonfire spritz) or the Rhum Around (three aged rums, a tincture of pistachio, lime, and agave). There’s no official dress code, but patrons are strongly encouraged to wear ties.


Olma Caviar Boutique and Lounge | 420 Amsterdam Avenue 

When a special occasion calls for a truly luxurious lunch or an after-work treat, Olma Caviar’s Upper West Side “caviar boutique and lounge” is a peerless destination. Greeting patrons near the entrance of the elegantly understated gray and plum interior is a display case stocked with a tempting array of caviar packaged in their classic bright blue tins, as well as stylish serving accessories to recreate the experience at home. The complex flavors on the menu extend from the foie gras sandwiches to signature cocktails, champagne, and prosecco, as well as a tasty selection of smoked fish, fresh lobster, and shrimp, and of course, some of the most exquisite caviar in New York City. Olma imports caviar from Alaska and abroad and offers dozens of different varieties for the roe connoisseur.



Vanguard | 189 Amsterdam Avenue 



Vanguard Wine Bar strikes the perfect balance between a refined cosmopolitan menu and the pleasures of old-fashioned comfort food. The small plates include French-inspired treats like the savory goat cheese and onion tarte, marinated picholine and nicoises olives, a mini caviar trio, and colorful macarons for dessert, or even a champagne float with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a truly celebratory toast. The wine selection is organized by color, taste, and what oenophiles describe as “body,” in categories like “mild-mannered reds” and “aromatic whites.” No wine snobbery here, though: the knowledgeable staff is happy to guide new patrons through Vanguard’s impressive selection, and there are traditional offerings on the menu for those seeking a classic martini or a craft beer.

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Dog Parks of the Upper West Side

Anyone who says that New York City is no place to raise a dog has probably never been to the Upper West Side. A green haven for nature-loving Manhattanites, both human and canine, the lush, tree-lined avenues and shady parks make for a cool reprieve for concrete-weary paws when the warm weather sets in. Residents of 101 West 78th Street will find no shortage of wide-open space nearby for running, romping, rolling, and wrestling. Whether you own a dog or just love them, the dog parks of the Upper West Side make for a relaxing way to pass the time on a spring afternoon.

Just a stone’s throw from 101 West 78th Street is, of course, Theodore Roosevelt Park, which is always worth visiting for the verdant lawns and meticulously landscaped garden. But tucked along the northwest side of the American Museum of Natural History is one of the neighborhood's best-kept secrets: the Bull Moose Dog Run. Find a bench and watch as two golden retrievers kick up a spray of sand while playing tug-of-war, or just tip your head back to see the dappled sunlight filtering through the thick canopy of old-growth trees.

Almost equidistant from the luxury Upper West Side condos at 101 West 78th Street are Riverside Park’s two dog parks at West 72nd Street and West 87th Street. Both have plenty of shady, pebbly space for unleashed dogs to run free, but the major draws for their humans are probably the views of the Hudson glistening throughout the woods. At West 72nd Street, you’ll find a bittersweet touch: benches donated in memory of dogs that have passed on too soon. Local volunteers maintain the park and host a variety of events like the annual Halloween costume party, where you might spot a Great Dane in a tutu or a Dachshund trying not to look horrified that he is dressed as a hot dog. 

If you prefer your meandering to take you into Central Park, get there between the hours of six a.m. and nine a.m. or from nine p.m. to one a.m. to take advantage of the park’s off-leash policy. Twenty-three areas of the park are designated for dog adventurers, including the enormous East Meadow and Great Hill fields, which offer enough open space for Frisbee-catching or belly-up sunbathing. After the sprinting and panting, pets can rehydrate at one of the 15 conveniently placed water fountains specifically designed for dogs. 

Thanks to a city advisory passed last year, some cafés now allow dogs to accompany their humans on outdoor patios or courtyards. On your way home, stop at Fred’s, a local favorite named after a black Labrador that was adopted when it was determined he was better suited to family life than duties as a seeing-eye dog. The bustling patio makes for some captivating people watching, and your furry companion is welcome to sleep beneath your table, paws twitching in happy dreams. 

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Upper West Side Parks

Every city has its secrets, known only to the people who walk its streets every day and sleep in the glow of its skyline at night. The Upper West Side's parks are treasure troves of hidden woods, green spaces, serene gardens, and unparalleled culture, embedded in a landscape that will become an extension of your home at the 101 West 78 condominiums. Some of these secrets can be discovered by tourists, but when these parks are a part of your weekly or daily routine, the excitement they bring are an accumulating process of discovery—the most rejuvenating corners of the parks will become your own.

Every city has its secrets, known only to the people who walk its streets every day and sleep in the glow of its skyline at night. The Upper West Side's parks are treasure troves of hidden woods, green spaces, serene gardens, and unparalleled culture, embedded in a landscape that will become an extension of your home at the 101 West 78 condominiums. Some of these secrets can be discovered by tourists, but when these parks are a part of your weekly or daily routine, the excitement they bring are an accumulating process of discovery—the most rejuvenating corners of the parks will become your own.


Just inside the park via the entrance closest to 101 West 78th, sits one of the most magical combinations of culture and nature in New York. At the Delacorte Theater, Shakespeare plays are staged in the summers by the Public Theater, one of the country's most renowned theater companies, which was founded by Joseph Papp. You can stroll from your home right into an Elizabethan dream brought to life under the stars—and these aren't just any outdoor productions; these are genre-transforming innovations like this past September’s staging of Twelfth Night, a color-splashed, musical rendition of the play heralded by the New York Times as “jubilant.”


        Adjacent to the theater is the Shakespeare Garden, a patchwork of blooms and branches on a gentle hill whose presence deepens for the frequent visitor into an alternate universe filled with plaques etched with the Bard’s verses and the carefully chosen flowers of Shakespeare’s fields and castles, sourced from the English countryside.


        South of the garden is the park’s famous Ramble, an urban wilderness designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, where residents of 101 West 78 can wander in the density of green as the birds do. The Ramble is one of the most popular spots for birdwatching in the city and one of the locations used in the documentary Wild City, hosted by legendary actress Isabella Rossellini, who describes the joy of encountering all kinds of birds, reptiles, and small mammals in the park on her podcast for the Central Park Conservancy: “This truly is the place for the urban explorer to escape the city and get utterly lost in nature.”



West of 101 West 78th lies another kind of inexhaustible green space—Riverside Park—a different kind of masterpiece of landscape design created by Olmsted, where the beauty of the grass and trees is matched by the majesty of the Hudson River. This is the perfect place to play sports with friends or with the kids, read, share a picnic, or ride a bike up and down the length of the four-mile park featuring some of the most resplendent water views in Manhattan. Here you can contemplate the world beyond the Palisades just long enough that you can take the fragrance of the grass and the expansiveness of the views home with you to the welcoming rooms of your 101 West 78th residence, nestled between acres of green amid the residential beauty of the Upper West Side.

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Morning Strolls on the Upper West Side

During the shorter days of the year, when the sun hides behind the city skyline until after seven a.m., leaving the warmth of your covers can prove difficult, if not impossible. However, residents at 101 West 78th Street will find enough neighborhood draws--both architectural and natural--to lure them from their toasty abode and out into the crisp morning air. Those lucky enough to be living in these Upper West Side condominiums don’t need to plan outings in the neighborhood; a simple walk is sufficient to take advantage of the best of the city. When you step out onto the street, your toughest decisions will be relatively easy: East or west? Park or river?

Decisions before caffeine can be tough for some, but you can confidently set off with a coffee from Irving Farm Coffee Roasters warming your hands. Choose west, and you’ll find Riverside Park and the steely Hudson. Between Riverside Drive and the Hudson River, you can meander through tunnels of snow-blanketed canopies, enjoying the glow of streetlights perforating the blue-and-white landscape. Then head north along the path to the Woodland Restoration Area, a protected grove of old-growth trees. It’s one of the few surviving natural enclaves in the city untouched by development.


To the east, of course, lies Central Park. Your meandering may take you past Cedar Hill or Pilgrim Hill, both popular sites for sledding, with slopes teeming with rosy-cheeked children and evergreens standing alongside the onlookers. At the Conservatory Water, a popular pond for ice skating, you can watch couples holding mittens, steadying each other across the ice. Or you may well find yourself renting skates for a session of spinning and gliding.


It’s not only the destinations, though, that will make your morning stroll memorable, as the streets between these two parks provide noteworthy sights themselves. Even if you don’t have time to enter the gargantuan American Museum of Natural History, its colossal archway and columned entranceway are impressive all on their own. Or wander into the West Side Community Garden, a space maintained entirely by green-thumbed volunteers, where you may be able to glimpse the first hints of spring and the colorful showcase to come: the garden’s annual tulip festival. You can pause with a newspaper at Verdi Square, a little park tucked into a triangle near the 72nd Street subway station. As C.J. Hughes described it in The New York Times, this quintessential New York pocket park has become “as much a place to hang out as pass through, round the clock.”



The more you explore the neighborhood, the more apparent it will become how many other hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered. As you pass by the towering rows of grand brownstones with ornate facades, you’ll find yourself looking up with a shiver of cinematic déjà vu.The Upper West Side has served as a backdrop for numerous classic movies for a reason: the neighborhood surrounding the new condos at 101 West 78th Street is as quintessentially New York as it is picturesque. Walking through the elaborately designed streets, you may feel like you’re in a movie yourself, especially if the snow begins to gently descend all around you.

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Cafe Culture on the Upper West Side

Residents of the Upper West Side condo at 101 West 78 are lucky to be near many excellent choices for a relaxing afternoon, including the beauty of Central Park and New York City’s finest museums. But where can they go for a dose of peace and reflection when the weather outside is frightful? Here are three of our favorite (and less intense) ways to spend an afternoon on the Upper West Side, enjoying a hot drink and a pastry or two:

Margot Patisserie | 2109 Broadway

You love New York, but sometimes you just need a taste of France. For a relaxing French ambiance and excellent food anytime you like, make your way to Margot, which is located in the Ansonia building, whose Beaux-Arts facade transports you to Paris before you even set foot inside the casual elegance that is the hallmark of any respectable café. Marble-topped tables, a mélange of baked goods, and the distinct aroma of fine coffee greet your entry to this underappreciated gem. Make certain to order a croissant, not just to establish this café’s Parisian bona fides, but because the freshly baked crescents are just as buttery, flaky, and delectable as they should be. Stay for something more or return again and again to sample any number of unique plays on classic French dishes. Above all, nothing quite matches a glass of wine and a good book in a quiet spot like this one. 

 Cafe Lalo | 201 West 83rd Street

Your other choice for whiling away an afternoon across the pond without even crossing the park is Café Lalo. Describing itself as “the most famous café in NYC,” the coffee shop provides a welcoming space for the artists and writers of the neighborhood to congregate over a slice of cheesecake (choose from over 29 different kinds), and a cup of premium, locally-roasted coffee. The giant mugs will spin you back to the nineties when buckets of java ran freely in the mythical Central Perk of Friends fame. Not that Café Lalo would need the comparison, since it’s had its own share in the limelight via its role in the movie You’ve Got Mail. Stay for a glass of wine among the brick walls and the soft lights shining upon the fin-de-siècle posters that decorate the interior. And do amble back for a bit of brunch (served daily until 4 pm) and a smile from the friendly waitstaff that perfectly complements the authentic Belgian waffles. Just a short walk from your Upper West Side home - and delicious and warm all around! 

Peacefood | 460 Amsterdam Avenue

With the New Year just beginning, many of us will once again revisit promises to eat better, increase our kindness quotient, and devote ourselves to lessening our environmental impact. However you approach it, a visit to Peacefood will set you on the path to taking care of all three needs. The restaurant claims on its website that, “A vegan lifestyle can transform not only the lives of farm animals but also the environment and one’s personal health,” and with a belly full of chickpea fries or a finishing bite of one of the mini-brownies, you’ll be hard-pressed to argue. The food satisfies, and even your most carnivorous dining companions will leave with lifted spirits and greater appreciation for the meatless lifestyle. But it’s not just the cuisine that pulls you up. Peacefood’s dining room takes you out of New York entirely with sage-green wainscot and an array of plants flanking a cheery space that sometimes seems more Berkshire than Broadway. Despite the go-getters rushing out with lunch and the high energy of the welcoming staff, the charming atmosphere and mission of the place leave a decided peace in the air that allows you to linger for a moment of serenity.

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101 West 78th Street | Stephen Sills

The work of renowned interior designer Stephen Sills has been described by Architectural Digest as "a lucid synthesis of opulence, rigor, and surprise." Over the course of his nearly three-decade career, Sills has managed to preserve the classic architectural character of his clients’ residences, while updating their interiors with designs that combine modern and classical components. In his latest large residential project, the new Upper West Side condominiums at 101 West 78th Street, Sills collaborated with the acclaimed firm HTO Architect to preserve the Beaux Arts aesthetic of the historic 1886 brick and terra-cotta building, which also has a 1-story limestone penthouse addition. 101 West 78th Street overlooks the American Museum of Natural History on Columbus Avenue and, thanks to Sills’s expertise, remains a seamless part of the Upper West Side’s historic streetscape, while offering luxury amenities fit for 21st-century New Yorkers.

Sills’s style is deeply rooted in the history of decorative arts and design, reflected in his use of antiques with new fabric and wallpaper patterns. His own Manhattan penthouse, which was featured in T: The New York Times Style Magazine in 2014, reveals his creative approach to incorporating history into contemporary interiors. It has been renovated three times since he moved into it in 1988. The whitewashed walls of his apartment, which are capped with fluted crown molding, frame an 18th-century Louis XVI fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows draped by light gray curtains. Using a single color palette, Sills connects the authoritative design elements of 18th-century European interiors and historic pieces, like the (headless) Hellenistic statue of a lion, to the 20th-century furniture, which includes a daybed by Art Deco icon Jean-Michel Frank. And in the newly designed dressing room, the walls have been clad in satinwood veneer and dyed green, giving the space a sophisticated jewel-box effect. This ingenious approach provides an elegant backdrop for a painting by Harold Stevenson and a Scandinavian modern secretary. The room is lit softly by an Art Deco pendant fixture by the French designer Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann. 

Sills’s signature style synthesizes elements from seemingly disparate parts of the globe and different time periods. Each of the interiors in the 101 West 78 condominiums is a prime architectural space ready for clients to customize and decorate according to their unique tastes—adding their own personal twist to the Beaux Arts masterpiece—and that’s just as Sills wants it.

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