101 West 78th Street | Stephen Sills

The work of renowned interior designer Stephen Sills has been described by Architectural Digest as "a lucid synthesis of opulence, rigor, and surprise." Over the course of his nearly three-decade career, Sills has managed to preserve the classic architectural character of his clients’ residences, while updating their interiors with designs that combine modern and classical components. In his latest large residential project, the new Upper West Side condominiums at 101 West 78th Street, Sills collaborated with the acclaimed firm HTO Architect to preserve the Beaux Arts aesthetic of the historic 1886 brick and terra-cotta building, which also has a 1-story limestone penthouse addition. 101 West 78th Street overlooks the American Museum of Natural History on Columbus Avenue and, thanks to Sills’s expertise, remains a seamless part of the Upper West Side’s historic streetscape, while offering luxury amenities fit for 21st-century New Yorkers.

Sills’s style is deeply rooted in the history of decorative arts and design, reflected in his use of antiques with new fabric and wallpaper patterns. His own Manhattan penthouse, which was featured in T: The New York Times Style Magazine in 2014, reveals his creative approach to incorporating history into contemporary interiors. It has been renovated three times since he moved into it in 1988. The whitewashed walls of his apartment, which are capped with fluted crown molding, frame an 18th-century Louis XVI fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows draped by light gray curtains. Using a single color palette, Sills connects the authoritative design elements of 18th-century European interiors and historic pieces, like the (headless) Hellenistic statue of a lion, to the 20th-century furniture, which includes a daybed by Art Deco icon Jean-Michel Frank. And in the newly designed dressing room, the walls have been clad in satinwood veneer and dyed green, giving the space a sophisticated jewel-box effect. This ingenious approach provides an elegant backdrop for a painting by Harold Stevenson and a Scandinavian modern secretary. The room is lit softly by an Art Deco pendant fixture by the French designer Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann. 

Sills’s signature style synthesizes elements from seemingly disparate parts of the globe and different time periods. Each of the interiors in the 101 West 78 condominiums is a prime architectural space ready for clients to customize and decorate according to their unique tastes—adding their own personal twist to the Beaux Arts masterpiece—and that’s just as Sills wants it.

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Cafe Culture on the Upper West Side

Residents of the Upper West Side condo at 101 West 78 are lucky to be near many excellent choices for a relaxing afternoon, including the beauty of Central Park and New York City’s finest museums. But where can they go for a dose of peace and reflection when the weather outside is frightful? Here are three of our favorite (and less intense) ways to spend an afternoon on the Upper West Side, enjoying a hot drink and a pastry or two:

Margot Patisserie | 2109 Broadway

You love New York, but sometimes you just need a taste of France. For a relaxing French ambiance and excellent food anytime you like, make your way to Margot, which is located in the Ansonia building, whose Beaux-Arts facade transports you to Paris before you even set foot inside the casual elegance that is the hallmark of any respectable café. Marble-topped tables, a mélange of baked goods, and the distinct aroma of fine coffee greet your entry to this underappreciated gem. Make certain to order a croissant, not just to establish this café’s Parisian bona fides, but because the freshly baked crescents are just as buttery, flaky, and delectable as they should be. Stay for something more or return again and again to sample any number of unique plays on classic French dishes. Above all, nothing quite matches a glass of wine and a good book in a quiet spot like this one. 

 Cafe Lalo | 201 West 83rd Street

Your other choice for whiling away an afternoon across the pond without even crossing the park is Café Lalo. Describing itself as “the most famous café in NYC,” the coffee shop provides a welcoming space for the artists and writers of the neighborhood to congregate over a slice of cheesecake (choose from over 29 different kinds), and a cup of premium, locally-roasted coffee. The giant mugs will spin you back to the nineties when buckets of java ran freely in the mythical Central Perk of Friends fame. Not that Café Lalo would need the comparison, since it’s had its own share in the limelight via its role in the movie You’ve Got Mail. Stay for a glass of wine among the brick walls and the soft lights shining upon the fin-de-siècle posters that decorate the interior. And do amble back for a bit of brunch (served daily until 4 pm) and a smile from the friendly waitstaff that perfectly complements the authentic Belgian waffles. Just a short walk from your Upper West Side home - and delicious and warm all around! 

Peacefood | 460 Amsterdam Avenue

With the New Year just beginning, many of us will once again revisit promises to eat better, increase our kindness quotient, and devote ourselves to lessening our environmental impact. However you approach it, a visit to Peacefood will set you on the path to taking care of all three needs. The restaurant claims on its website that, “A vegan lifestyle can transform not only the lives of farm animals but also the environment and one’s personal health,” and with a belly full of chickpea fries or a finishing bite of one of the mini-brownies, you’ll be hard-pressed to argue. The food satisfies, and even your most carnivorous dining companions will leave with lifted spirits and greater appreciation for the meatless lifestyle. But it’s not just the cuisine that pulls you up. Peacefood’s dining room takes you out of New York entirely with sage-green wainscot and an array of plants flanking a cheery space that sometimes seems more Berkshire than Broadway. Despite the go-getters rushing out with lunch and the high energy of the welcoming staff, the charming atmosphere and mission of the place leave a decided peace in the air that allows you to linger for a moment of serenity.

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Morning Strolls on the Upper West Side

During the shorter days of the year, when the sun hides behind the city skyline until after seven a.m., leaving the warmth of your covers can prove difficult, if not impossible. However, residents at 101 West 78th Street will find enough neighborhood draws--both architectural and natural--to lure them from their toasty abode and out into the crisp morning air. Those lucky enough to be living in these Upper West Side condominiums don’t need to plan outings in the neighborhood; a simple walk is sufficient to take advantage of the best of the city. When you step out onto the street, your toughest decisions will be relatively easy: East or west? Park or river?

Decisions before caffeine can be tough for some, but you can confidently set off with a coffee from Irving Farm Coffee Roasters warming your hands. Choose west, and you’ll find Riverside Park and the steely Hudson. Between Riverside Drive and the Hudson River, you can meander through tunnels of snow-blanketed canopies, enjoying the glow of streetlights perforating the blue-and-white landscape. Then head north along the path to the Woodland Restoration Area, a protected grove of old-growth trees. It’s one of the few surviving natural enclaves in the city untouched by development.


To the east, of course, lies Central Park. Your meandering may take you past Cedar Hill or Pilgrim Hill, both popular sites for sledding, with slopes teeming with rosy-cheeked children and evergreens standing alongside the onlookers. At the Conservatory Water, a popular pond for ice skating, you can watch couples holding mittens, steadying each other across the ice. Or you may well find yourself renting skates for a session of spinning and gliding.


It’s not only the destinations, though, that will make your morning stroll memorable, as the streets between these two parks provide noteworthy sights themselves. Even if you don’t have time to enter the gargantuan American Museum of Natural History, its colossal archway and columned entranceway are impressive all on their own. Or wander into the West Side Community Garden, a space maintained entirely by green-thumbed volunteers, where you may be able to glimpse the first hints of spring and the colorful showcase to come: the garden’s annual tulip festival. You can pause with a newspaper at Verdi Square, a little park tucked into a triangle near the 72nd Street subway station. As C.J. Hughes described it in The New York Times, this quintessential New York pocket park has become “as much a place to hang out as pass through, round the clock.”



The more you explore the neighborhood, the more apparent it will become how many other hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered. As you pass by the towering rows of grand brownstones with ornate facades, you’ll find yourself looking up with a shiver of cinematic déjà vu.The Upper West Side has served as a backdrop for numerous classic movies for a reason: the neighborhood surrounding the new condos at 101 West 78th Street is as quintessentially New York as it is picturesque. Walking through the elaborately designed streets, you may feel like you’re in a movie yourself, especially if the snow begins to gently descend all around you.

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Upper West Side Parks

Every city has its secrets, known only to the people who walk its streets every day and sleep in the glow of its skyline at night. The Upper West Side's parks are treasure troves of hidden woods, green spaces, serene gardens, and unparalleled culture, embedded in a landscape that will become an extension of your home at the 101 West 78 condominiums. Some of these secrets can be discovered by tourists, but when these parks are a part of your weekly or daily routine, the excitement they bring are an accumulating process of discovery—the most rejuvenating corners of the parks will become your own.

Every city has its secrets, known only to the people who walk its streets every day and sleep in the glow of its skyline at night. The Upper West Side's parks are treasure troves of hidden woods, green spaces, serene gardens, and unparalleled culture, embedded in a landscape that will become an extension of your home at the 101 West 78 condominiums. Some of these secrets can be discovered by tourists, but when these parks are a part of your weekly or daily routine, the excitement they bring are an accumulating process of discovery—the most rejuvenating corners of the parks will become your own.


Just inside the park via the entrance closest to 101 West 78th, sits one of the most magical combinations of culture and nature in New York. At the Delacorte Theater, Shakespeare plays are staged in the summers by the Public Theater, one of the country's most renowned theater companies, which was founded by Joseph Papp. You can stroll from your home right into an Elizabethan dream brought to life under the stars—and these aren't just any outdoor productions; these are genre-transforming innovations like this past September’s staging of Twelfth Night, a color-splashed, musical rendition of the play heralded by the New York Times as “jubilant.”


        Adjacent to the theater is the Shakespeare Garden, a patchwork of blooms and branches on a gentle hill whose presence deepens for the frequent visitor into an alternate universe filled with plaques etched with the Bard’s verses and the carefully chosen flowers of Shakespeare’s fields and castles, sourced from the English countryside.


        South of the garden is the park’s famous Ramble, an urban wilderness designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, where residents of 101 West 78 can wander in the density of green as the birds do. The Ramble is one of the most popular spots for birdwatching in the city and one of the locations used in the documentary Wild City, hosted by legendary actress Isabella Rossellini, who describes the joy of encountering all kinds of birds, reptiles, and small mammals in the park on her podcast for the Central Park Conservancy: “This truly is the place for the urban explorer to escape the city and get utterly lost in nature.”



West of 101 West 78th lies another kind of inexhaustible green space—Riverside Park—a different kind of masterpiece of landscape design created by Olmsted, where the beauty of the grass and trees is matched by the majesty of the Hudson River. This is the perfect place to play sports with friends or with the kids, read, share a picnic, or ride a bike up and down the length of the four-mile park featuring some of the most resplendent water views in Manhattan. Here you can contemplate the world beyond the Palisades just long enough that you can take the fragrance of the grass and the expansiveness of the views home with you to the welcoming rooms of your 101 West 78th residence, nestled between acres of green amid the residential beauty of the Upper West Side.

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Dog Parks of the Upper West Side

Anyone who says that New York City is no place to raise a dog has probably never been to the Upper West Side. A green haven for nature-loving Manhattanites, both human and canine, the lush, tree-lined avenues and shady parks make for a cool reprieve for concrete-weary paws when the warm weather sets in. Residents of 101 West 78th Street will find no shortage of wide-open space nearby for running, romping, rolling, and wrestling. Whether you own a dog or just love them, the dog parks of the Upper West Side make for a relaxing way to pass the time on a spring afternoon.

Just a stone’s throw from 101 West 78th Street is, of course, Theodore Roosevelt Park, which is always worth visiting for the verdant lawns and meticulously landscaped garden. But tucked along the northwest side of the American Museum of Natural History is one of the neighborhood's best-kept secrets: the Bull Moose Dog Run. Find a bench and watch as two golden retrievers kick up a spray of sand while playing tug-of-war, or just tip your head back to see the dappled sunlight filtering through the thick canopy of old-growth trees.

Almost equidistant from the luxury Upper West Side condos at 101 West 78th Street are Riverside Park’s two dog parks at West 72nd Street and West 87th Street. Both have plenty of shady, pebbly space for unleashed dogs to run free, but the major draws for their humans are probably the views of the Hudson glistening throughout the woods. At West 72nd Street, you’ll find a bittersweet touch: benches donated in memory of dogs that have passed on too soon. Local volunteers maintain the park and host a variety of events like the annual Halloween costume party, where you might spot a Great Dane in a tutu or a Dachshund trying not to look horrified that he is dressed as a hot dog. 

If you prefer your meandering to take you into Central Park, get there between the hours of six a.m. and nine a.m. or from nine p.m. to one a.m. to take advantage of the park’s off-leash policy. Twenty-three areas of the park are designated for dog adventurers, including the enormous East Meadow and Great Hill fields, which offer enough open space for Frisbee-catching or belly-up sunbathing. After the sprinting and panting, pets can rehydrate at one of the 15 conveniently placed water fountains specifically designed for dogs. 

Thanks to a city advisory passed last year, some cafés now allow dogs to accompany their humans on outdoor patios or courtyards. On your way home, stop at Fred’s, a local favorite named after a black Labrador that was adopted when it was determined he was better suited to family life than duties as a seeing-eye dog. The bustling patio makes for some captivating people watching, and your furry companion is welcome to sleep beneath your table, paws twitching in happy dreams. 

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Amsterdam avenue


The Upper West Side condos for sale at 101 West 78th Street sit at the intersection of the Upper West Side’s best attractions. To the east, the American Museum of Natural History and Central Park offer green outdoor space and hours of family-friendly fun. To the west, Broadway’s iconic food shops and gourmet grocers are a home chef’s delight. Along Amsterdam Avenue, which runs between Broadway and Columbus Avenue, is a lively stretch of independent boutiques and restaurants, as well as cultural gems like Lincoln Center and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Residents of 101 West 78th are also within walking distance of some of Amsterdam Avenue’s finest wines and well-mixed cocktails, ideal for local oenophiles and spirits connoisseurs.

Burke and Wills | 226 West 79th Street  

Just off Amsterdam Avenue on West 79th Street, Burke and Wills offers New Yorkers an Australian twist on the traditional American bistro. Named for intrepid explorers Robert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills—the Lewis and Clark of Australia—this charmingly atmospheric pub offers craft beer, an impressive array of spirits and cocktails, and a fascinating menu with classic entrees like roasted salmon and cured arctic char, listed alongside Aussie favorites like the kangaroo burger with tomato jam, arugula, pickled onion, and triple-fried chips. The raw bar offers the perfect accompaniment for after-work drinks like the Bushfire Margarita, a bracing house specialty made with mezcal and orange bitters. For those who’ve recently landed in the Upper West Side neighborhood, a jaunt from their condos to Burke and Wills will help celebrate the excitement of exploring new territory. The dining room sits beneath a glass canopy, and vintage Australian photographs and ephemera all add to Burke and Wills’s rugged explorer vibe. 

Manhattan Cricket Club | 226 West 79th Street

Conveniently perched just upstairs from Burke & Wills is the Manhattan Cricket Club. This tucked-away speakeasy bar’s upholstered leather chairs, Victorian lighting fixtures, and dark wood paneling—as well as enough cricket memorabilia to make any Anglophile swoon—might make you suspect that Winston Churchill is enjoying a snifter of brandy in the next room. The menu is a blast from a less diet-conscious past, too, as it features savory treats like crab beignets and pork rillette with cornichons, in addition to classic Australian desserts like the pavlova with passionfruit curd and fresh berries. The cocktail menu is as much fun to read as it is to sample, with offerings like the Bonfire of the Calamities (lime-infused vodka, lemon, agave, and bonfire spritz) or the Rhum Around (three aged rums, a tincture of pistachio, lime, and agave). There’s no official dress code, but patrons are strongly encouraged to wear ties.


Olma Caviar Boutique and Lounge | 420 Amsterdam Avenue 

When a special occasion calls for a truly luxurious lunch or an after-work treat, Olma Caviar’s Upper West Side “caviar boutique and lounge” is a peerless destination. Greeting patrons near the entrance of the elegantly understated gray and plum interior is a display case stocked with a tempting array of caviar packaged in their classic bright blue tins, as well as stylish serving accessories to recreate the experience at home. The complex flavors on the menu extend from the foie gras sandwiches to signature cocktails, champagne, and prosecco, as well as a tasty selection of smoked fish, fresh lobster, and shrimp, and of course, some of the most exquisite caviar in New York City. Olma imports caviar from Alaska and abroad and offers dozens of different varieties for the roe connoisseur.



Vanguard | 189 Amsterdam Avenue 



Vanguard Wine Bar strikes the perfect balance between a refined cosmopolitan menu and the pleasures of old-fashioned comfort food. The small plates include French-inspired treats like the savory goat cheese and onion tarte, marinated picholine and nicoises olives, a mini caviar trio, and colorful macarons for dessert, or even a champagne float with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a truly celebratory toast. The wine selection is organized by color, taste, and what oenophiles describe as “body,” in categories like “mild-mannered reds” and “aromatic whites.” No wine snobbery here, though: the knowledgeable staff is happy to guide new patrons through Vanguard’s impressive selection, and there are traditional offerings on the menu for those seeking a classic martini or a craft beer.

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